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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Bangalore beauty Deepika says No

Well, it’s not for a film with Superstars considering that she is a hot property right now in south after accepting Rajinikanth’s upcoming film. The Bangalore beauty was roped in to perform the remixed version of the iconic song “Dum maro dum” from Hare Rama Hare Krishna in Rohan Sippy’s upcoming venture which interestingly is titled as the song.

Deepika was initially excited to perform to this number considering the name that evergreen Zeenath Aman got after Hare Rama Hare Krishna got released. The leggy beauty after hearing to the re-mixed song raised some objections with the director. The story goes like this; Jaideep Sahni wrote the remixed version lyrics and it contained some harsh and objectionable words according to the actress.

She informed the same to Rohan sippy before the shoot started and said that she can’t go ahead with the objectionable lyrics. However the director of “Bluff master” fame sorted out issues and made sure that her back would face the camera every time such words were about to be uttered by her. Great solution Sippy! You can have your lyrics and Miss Padukone need not to face the camera when the so-called objectionable words try to sync with her voice.


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