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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Anna Hazare watched Tamil Movie

Anna Hazare, the man who turned the attention of the whole nation towards him for his battle against corruption, will be in Chennai on Sunday. Besides attending so many events that are lined up, he will watch a Tamil movie too.

The Gandhian will watch 'Mudhalvar Mahatma' at a preview theatre in Chennai at 10.45 am. The Tamil movie is an interesting fiction which deals about 'What will happen if Mahatma Gandhi becomes the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu?'

Meanwhile, the buzz in Kollywood is that attempts are being made by a top director to make a political thriller, which will have a character inspired by Anna Hazare.

"The script work is currently on. The movie is about the protagonist's fight against corruption. A character inspired by Anna Hazare is the role model of the hero of the film," sources say.


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