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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Interview with Namitha

Who is your favourite glamour heroine?

Me. There is no alternative for me. I will also say that Vidhya Balan is a wrong choice for the Hindi film Dirty Picture. My friends say that I am the fittest person for that role. I also feel it is right. If anybody again makes this film I will act with excessive glamour.

Who are your cinema friends? I don’t have much friends. I will not speak much to anyone. I will speak once in a way with Bharath, Sneha and Reema Sen. Kushboo is like my elderly sister. That’s all.

In the last political regime you had acted in a film which had the screenplay of the former Chief Minister Kalaignar Karunanidhi. Now the regime has changed. What do you feel about the Jayalalitha’s government?

I had acted in Kalaignar sir’s film. I did not join the party. Even now I will act in Kalaignar sir’s film. I will also act if Amma takes a film. I am neutral girl. They are like two eyes for Tamil Nadu. I like both the eyes.

There is a big controversy these days that actress should not come for functions wearing miniskirts. But actress Kushboo is against this. What is your view in this matter?

Wearing miniskirt is very comfortable for me. My fans will enjoy only if I wear short dresses. That is my identity. But if I attend audio and other film functions I wear jeans and T shirt. But for fashion shows only miniskirt is fit.

When is your marriage?

Not now. I want a groom from a cultured family. I am not worried if the person is black in color. But he should have lots of hairs in his head. I am not worried if he is 10 years elder or younger to me. Anyone ready for the game.


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