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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Karthika in Village Dress

Karthika is donning the female lead role in Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum. This film is directed by Bharathiraja. Karthika while speaking about her role in this film said, "Annakoddi is a shepherd.

She has no father but only the mother. Bharathiraja sir while speaking about this role said, "Annakoddi role is my long time dream. I think that you will fit the role." Right from the time, he said this, the soul of Annakoddi entered inside me.

This role speaks right from child hood till she becomes a matured person. Many are asking that how I was able to transform myself as a village girl since I was a modern girl. I saw all the village films in the DVDs directed by the director.

I learnt the body language. When I was grazing a sheep wearing the village dress during the photo shoot, my mother itself was stunned. My wish is to learn the Madurai Tamil dialect and dub for this film. I don’t know what the director will say.

Many are also telling that the director Bharathiraja will hit if we do not act well. But my mother said that if we act at least 10% of what the director says he will leave us. The director told me that how I should look at the hero romantically. I became very shy. It was so lovely action."


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