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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Porali Movie Online Review

Nadodigal’ was the film that this duo last came with, and M Sasikumar as actor and producer and his close friend P Samudrakani as director, the film went on to become a big success. And, ‘Porali’ is yet another big production that this duo has come with, with the same avatars they took for their ‘Nadodigal’.

In ‘Subramaniapuram’ and ‘Eesan’, films directed by Sasikumar, Samudrakani did prominent roles as villain and a good cop respectively. In return, Samudrakani cast Sasikumar in ‘Nadodigal’ and this film ‘Porali’ in the protagonist role.

‘Eesan’ was not so well received by the industry. So, Sasikumar had to have a hit. And, he has come with a bang now with ‘Porali’ to hit the bulls-eye! Has he succeeded? Yes, he has!


Kumaran is the role played by Sasikumar, in the first half he is shown as a Chennai guy lives a peaceful life with his family and friends. Then enters Bharathy the role played by Swathy of Subramaniapuram fame in the life of Kumaran. Bharathy falls in love with Kumaran seeing his good and playful nature. But Kumaran does not reciprocates her love towards him and keeps on avoiding. But at one stage Kumaran accepts her love and they both start to stay happy.

But then Nallavan arrives Chennai, the role is played by Allari Naresh. He meets Kumaran and speaks about some serious issues. With a thrilling tone the first half ends. Then in the second half it is full of flash back.Sasi kumar plays a dialogue about srilanka in a jovial manner. With many terrific twists and scenes the films comes to an end.


Really tamil people should take it as a proud moment to thank Samuthirakani for bringing a painful story to life. Sasikumar essays the role very maturedly, his expressions, angers, pain shown is the pulse of the movie. Swathy steals the audience with her charm and softness.

Kanja Karuppu and Soori bring the theater down with their funny moments. Jaya Prakash who is well known for supportive roles has proved once again that he is the best choice for Porali. Not only that each actor is given apt importance to score in the film. With such a good story, screenplay and narration surely Samuthirakani's Porali is set to rock once again.


SR Kathir the cinematographer who captured our hearts through Subramaniapuram has once again done his job with perfection. Music by Sundar C Babu is an added advantage the Sambho Shiva Sambho song which gave life to Nadodigal, has re-created the magic once again with stunning Bgms in Porali.

Above all it is Samuthirakani the director and writer has proved that he is a creator who can give bold messages in an easier way.


Porali is a movie to be cherised. There are many interesting things to watch out in Porali. So grab your tickets with ur family and friends to have a quality time spent in the theaters.

‘Porali’ is definitely an enjoyable entertainer with a big message.

A watchable movie, particularly for the ‘Porali’ filmmaker Sasikumar!

Rating : 3.5 out of 5


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