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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thalapakattu Biryani for Thala fans

Director Vishnuvardhan showed Ajith very stylishly in the film Billa. Now both are going to join hands once again. Vishnuvardhan will be directing Ajith in a film to be produced by A M Rathinam. There are lots of expectations since both of them are joining hands again. At this juncture her is a small interview with him:

Definitely not. Only now I am writing the story for the film which I will be directing Ajith. I have no idea of remaking the Telugu film Panjaa in Tamil. This film is being dubbed in Tami l with the title Kuri.

About joining hands with Ajith once again? I am very happy. I am very determined that I should overtake the film Billa.

Which way are you going to portray Ajith in this film?

I have not even completed the story. How can talk about it at this stage. But his role will fulfill the hunger of his fans.

You have introduced Nirav Shah. How do you see his growth?

I am happily seeing him. Even if I call him for my films, he says that he has no dates. He is so busy. Since he is a talented cinematographer, he is very busy.

Yuvan- Vishnuvardhan combo songs are always hit. What is the reason for this?

Yuvan does not compose any special songs for me. I don’t interfere in his work. That itself could be a reason for the songs to become a super hit.


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