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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Side Artists Setting Down in Prostitution...

Imagining a date with an actress is always exciting for some rich folks who can pour money like liquor. These big-shots are best used by our side-kick actresses to lead a luxurious life.

Even after quitting films and no work in hand, our side-kick beauties lead a luxurious life by visiting hottest destinations of the world and spending time in rich resorts. Sources say that these actresses are working as escort-girls for rich businessman of the state who like to take rest for a couple of weeks in an year. To spend some quality time, these rich brats are accompanied by these actresses to various countries like Bangkok, Indonesia and Hong Kong. What looks more shocking is that the husbands of these actresses are setting up the deals for the escort duties.

That's why they say film industry is one place to earn quick money if you keep prestige and culture aside. However, these escort girls are a giving a blue-colour to all other actresses in the tinsel town making Film Industry a worst place on earth.


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