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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Attakathi Movie Online Review - Predictable script with promising performances and laugh riot, go with it

Film: Attakathi
Starring: Dinesh, Nandita, Swetha, Sophia, Shali
Director: Pa. Ranjith
Producer: C V Kumar, Sundar Napolean
Banner: Thiru Kumaran Entertainment
Music: Santosh Narayanan


Dinakaran [Dinesh] aka Attakathi, as his friends call him is a lower-middle class guy with easy going mentality and no future ambitions in life, except making love to a smart girl. Attakathi always spends his time with friends from his neighborhood, who catch up all the time chasing girls while going to college and back home.

As we know Dinakaran’s mantra is to fall in love, he always tries to build relation with girls and move towards another girl, if he finds it to be one-sided. Dinakaran has no regrets or complaints about the girls he misses and finally our hero deeply falls in love with Poornima [Nandita].

Who is Nanditha? How Dinakaran aka Attakathi manages to move to next girl? And finally how will he manage to get Nanditha? Makes the story of Attakthi……


Debutant Dinesh has given best performance as a boy living next door Attakathi. Dinesh perfectly holds the movie on his shoulders especially in the scenes where we feel movie is a bit dragging or slow.

Nandita has given her best as Poornima and attracts viewers with her cute looks. Meenakshi and Velu as Dinakaran’s parents did their roles well and provided intense laugh riots with inbuilt comedy, which is added treat.

Technical Analysis:

New director Pa. Ranjith has proved his mettle giving a different film Attakathi, with regular script and refreshing performances.

Santhosh Narayanan has given situational tunes and songs with a suburban style, which are one of the highlights of the Attakathi. ‘Aadi Pona Aavani’ and ‘Aasai Oar Pulveli’ seems to be picking of the album.

Coming to the dialogues and screenplay are the appealing part of the movie that made Attakathi seem different from regular milieu, while the script seems so realistic in reel life. Cinematography by P.K. Varma is another highlight of Attakathi, as he has set up the movie well in earthy and realistic surroundings.


Attakathi works big time with teenage guys, as it revolves around the college life and the journey from a suburban area to metropolitan city on the way to college.

Even though Attakthi is a depicted tale, it is laced with lots of humor, friendship, love, romance and what not. The movie has a bit of you, me and people around us with the simple dreams of a usual lower middle class boy.

Narration of story might be slow at parts, but is slice of a person’s life from a clumsy youngster to a matured man during his college days, with casual habited conversations of lower middle class.

Final Verdict:

Predictable script with promising performances and laugh riot, go with it…..


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