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Monday, August 20, 2012

SImbu and Nayanthara become friendds again

There are rumors in the strong winds that Simbu and alleged ex-girlfriend, Nayanthara, have buried the hatchet. The star was recently leveled with the ground for rumors that they are an item once again, the two stars with a long discussion, that all is well between them shows watched were seen.

When asked whether Simbu is possible that the two fall in love again, the star replied, "Nayan is a good soul, just friends and join us with a sentimental nonsense. As professionals and people who share an intense friendship we shared another love for other people, we are talking about the usual things like movies and mutual friends in our lives. we went, and I found peace in our lives ... no hard feelings, "says Simbu air quality.

The grapevine is abuzz that there is a huge demand for Nayantara Simbu and to bring together for a movie! The duo has been seen together in 'Vallavan', about six years ago, a film of the same STR​​. It seems, from each other, but the couple split amicably.

It is important to mention that there were rumors that the actress wanted Simbu OSTHE a point, but this was denied by the two later. Finally, Mallika Sherawat was to approach this song with Simbu.

On the other hand, brings together Nayantara Simbu and would certainly written a lot and caused tension.


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