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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Around 10 Minuted removed from the Climax of Maatran

Following criticisms from various critics Maatran team has considerably reduced the length of the film post it’s release. The movie has been trimmed down to about 20 minutes to make the screenplay even racier particularly towards the climax.

Maatran release to mixed reviews especially critics pointing its slower second half. The scenes which build up to the climax is dragged a tad too much hampering the movie’s pace. It seems Maatran’s team has considered the feedback and made a few changes to increase the movie’s pace.

Couple of minutes from the movie is trimmed in the first half while more than 19 minutes has been trimmed from second half. Fans who had a look over the trimmed version is more happier with it’s outcome.

The first day collection of Maatran is about 7 crores from around 500 screens in Tamilnadu. This collection is lesser than Suriya’s previous movie 7am Arivu. Now Maatran team hopes for a better release post it’s trimmed version.


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