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Monday, November 26, 2012

Anushka's BB Hopes With 'Spice'

At a time when things were going great for her, actress Anushka departed from Tollywood and settled in Kollywood. Gossips and rumors made rounds that it was due to certain personal issues she decided to keep away from Telugu industry. This had disappointed many of Anushka’s fans.

Much to her luck, she had a string of good hits in Tamil but sources say Anushka’s heart was always with Tollywood. Now, she made a comeback of sorts with ‘Damarukam’ but her real hopes are on her next film ‘Mirchi’ starring Prabhas. It is heard that Anushka is aiming for nothing less than a blockbuster with that.

The mileage from ‘Damarukam’ is being taken by Nagarjuna and it is more of a visual treat so scope for Anushka is less. But the ex-yoga guru is keen to give a bang at the box office and her blockbuster hopes are pinned on the spicy ‘Mirchi’. Let us wish Anushka’s plan works so that she will stick in Tollywood a little longer.


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