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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nesthama nesthama caller tune set in huge numbers

The last few months has been seeing a lot of drama happening over the film ‘Damarukam’ and it has to do with its release. While nothing positive is on the cards, here is something for the team of the film to cheer about. One song from the film has been causing a major sensation across the music world.

This is the chartbuster number ‘Nesthama nesthama nuvve koyilai vaalathanante. Thotala maarana neekosam...’. The caller tune of this song is getting downloaded in huge numbers and many youth and melody music lovers are struck by it. The song is a perfect number with good mix of vocals, music and lyrics.

The lines penned by Bhaskarabhatla have got a tinge of poetry unlike the masala rhythm words. As always, it is music director Devi Sri Prasad’s magic in coming up with that one exclusive number in each of his film. Though the film is going through a bad phase, let us hope ‘Nesthama…’ becomes the crowd pull factor to the theatres once the film releases.


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