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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Heroine's Homosex Joke On Hero

No matter how top a heroine is, when she works with a superstar she makes it a point to be quite obedient and respectful towards him. They would be very friendly and have a lot of fun but there is always that line of respect. But sometimes some jokes may not go too well with the big heroes.

Something like this happened during a recent interview of Asin and Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. They were promoting their film ‘Khiladi 786’ due for release this Friday. The media person reportedly mentioned to Akshay that a fan from Brazil was crazy about his films and wanted to give a big hug and ‘kiss’.

On hearing that, Asin reportedly quipped “So….a male fan wants to KISS you..”. Akshay heard it but replied with a stern “Huh??”.  Perhaps realizing that she may have jumped the gun, Asin quietly said “No..nothing” with a mischievous smile. But those who saw the interview what exactly happened and smiled to themselves.


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