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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Radha daughter Tulasi is really sexy than Samantha

In today’s time, the one name which has been causing a major frenzy in the south cinema circuit is Samantha. The fact she has been scoring some big hits and her sweet smiles with cute looks are adding to her credit. But there is one discussion which has come up and it is about another girl.

Some of them are asking is that girl really sexy than Samantha. She is none other than Tulasi, the younger daughter of yesteryears beauty queen Radha. Apparently, Tulasi was the replacement for Samantha in Mani Ratnam’s new film ‘Kadal’. Since no one has seen her, many are imagining how she will be.

If one can recall, something like this happened during the time of Gunasekhar’s ‘Varudu’. He ensured that actress Bhanusri Mehra was kept out of everyone’s eye till the film hit the screens. After looking at her many said “oh..this much only…”. Let us hope Mani is not doing that mistake.


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