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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Viswaroopam’ would be telecast for all the customers of DTH on January 11th

Actor/director/producer Kamal Haasan is always known for his unique approach towards his films and this time he is coming with the film ‘Viswaroopam’ on a very ambitious note. While all that looks smooth the new revenue model that Kamal has initiated has definitely not gone well with quite a number of people.

According to reports, Kamal has reportedly negotiated a deal with DTH (Direct To Home) network group for a whopping Rs 50 crores. If that is true then ‘Viswaroopam’ would be telecast for all the customers of DTH on January 11th, the day the film hits the theatres. This would be a one-time release and not recordable.

Sources say the Tamil theatres association is in for a major shock after hearing this. They have reportedly threatened to ban the release of the film. Buzz is that an emergency meeting has been called for and Kamal would be discussing with the association on resolving the issue.

The theatres reportedly fear that this will damage their collections in a big way because they bought the film at very high prices. On the other hand, this format would also encourage the small films to adapt the formula for extra income and is sure to affect the collections in the theatres. Let us see how it will be resolved.


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