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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

50 nude dancers in Kamasustra 3D Film

Nudity and skin show is taking a new level with each passing day in Indian cinema circuit. In Bollywood, the bikini scenes, semi nude scenes and lip lock scenes have become very common but here is something that is shaking everyone. There is news about 50 nude dancers displaying various poses of Kamasutra.

All this is happening in the much talked about film ‘Kamasutra’ 3D which has Sherlyn Chopra in the lead role. This is being directed by Rupesh Paul and it is heard that the makers are going to shoot a song wherein a sage teaches the various positions of Kamasutra while 50 nude dancers along with Sherlyn would be learning them.

There is also news that the location for the shoot is somewhere in Rajasthan and the makers have kept the details in tight wraps. Buzz is that they had a very tough time trying to get so many dancers so they had to visit many dance academies and convince each and every dancer. The song is based on the backdrop of 14th century.


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