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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Priyanka weds, beds and kills her seven husbands one by one in SAAT KHOON MAAF

Priyanka Chopra is all ecstatic about her upcoming film SAAT KHOON MAAF directed by Vishal Bhardawaj. As we all know by now that the movie is based on Ruskin Bond’s short story Susanna’s seven husbands. In the film, Priyanka plays the main character that weds, beds and kills her seven husbands one by one.

Priyanka is very hopeful about the movie as she thinks it her finest act till date. The role she has played is very bold and she had to do intimate scenes with many men in the film. She pulled it off very well. She has boldest scenes ever with actor John Abraham. She even romance as an old lady with fine actor Naseeruddin Shah.

Priyanka is very cool about it and said, “First of all you are talking about marriages and I don't know any marriage without intimacy. Above that if you're going to show love and pain it comes along with lot of other emotions. It's never an isolated emotion with only hatred or love or anger or intimacy being there. So when it comes to enacting any scene, I am an actor and I am doing my job. I am playing the character to as much of my comfort as I could. I made myself comfortable with everybody.”

If that is the case, then why did Priyanka denied to do such scenes with Annu Kapoor? Any answers, Piggy Chops?


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