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Monday, April 2, 2012

Question Corner : What kind of lighting ?

Jamie Herzlinger

Hi TIP. I am doing up my living room and want some tips on lighting. I have a false ceiling with lights and cove lighting. What else is needed ?

Thom Filicia

Lighting is a key aspect of interior design and often underplayed. What you would need to look at is accent lighting. If you already have ambient lighting (the false ceiling) then perhaps you do not need wall lights. What you could do is focus on accent lighting using table lamps and uplighters to highlight certain corners or artwork. Basically there should be a soft cosy feel to the living room. Play of shadow and light and nothing too harsh or overbearing.

Using lamps on side tables, consoles and cabinetry is one option. Another is using an uplighter--correct placement is important.

Hope this helps :) Thanks for writing in.


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