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Friday, January 6, 2012

A L Vijay and Amala Paul talks about their relationship

When someone is growing rapidly, surely, the support for him or her also grows along with the fame. In addition to the support, criticisms and rumors too grow at a rapid pace. This is a fact, which happens in every field on this earth. Of course, cinema industry is not an exceptional case. However, sometimes, the rumors in cinema industry become a reality too! This fact is evident with the recent reports about the relationship between Amala Paul and the director A L Vijay. Amala Paul is one of the rapidly growing artists in southern cinema industry. A L Vijay too is showing some great strides and is improving a lot from one film to another. Along with their career, some rumor reports say that the relationship between them is also growing.

Amala Paul and director A L Vijay did Deivathirumagal together. The grapevine has it that, it is during the period of shooting for this movie, the two celebrities became close to each other. The rumor has it that both the director and Amala Paul continued their relationship even after their movie. There were reports and news about the two like both of them is in a love affair. A few reports even claimed that A L Vijay had bought a house and presented it to Amala Paul. The reports also added that Vijay took Amala Paul for long drives in his brand new BMW. However, reliable information was not available for quite some time from the sources close to both the movie stars.

Recently, A L Vijay met the reporters during a public outing and shared a lot about the relationship between him and Amala Paul. The director, just like the usual trend, said that he and Amala Paul are just friends. He added that there is absolutely nothing beyond a professional relationship between them. He also stated that the false rumors are putting both of them and of their families in uncomfortable situations. When questioned about his gift to Amala Paul, Vijay said that it is true that he bought a new house, but presented it only to his parents and not to Amala Paul. He went on to say that that even the news about the long drives with Amala Paul is a rubbish one.

Thus, just like any other movie celebrity, A L Vijay and Amala Paul are saying that there is nothing between them and they are just friends. However, cinema industry has a history of interesting twists in the tale, and one has to wait and watch what happens further!


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