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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trisha says don't compare me with Old Actress Savitri

Trisha said , “ We rarely get meaty roles these days . I knew Bodyguard would be winner the day I signed the movir, not for any thing else but because I belived in the script. My role in Bodyguard was power-packed and emotionaland that usually works. I am elated with the feedback that I ma riceving. Being compared to the likes ofSavithri and Soundarya is a big honour , but I refuse to accept it because they are leg endary . But Iam humbled with all the reviews , commants and post. It’s one of the best roles I have played in recent times! Telugu cinema is special for me since they have faith in me and have given me some of the best characters till date!”

Actress Savitri, know as the late actress were comparing me with. Would be praising this great honor. Lived in the era of film actresses. So I do not agree with them compared to me.


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