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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nayantara rejected a Telugu magazine's request of going 'sexy' for their cover page


Enthralling seductress Nayantara, is all set to rock silver screen with her sizzling performance once again. However, the starlet has rejected a Telugu magazine's request of going 'sexy' for their cover page.

Recently, Nayantara has done a sizzling photoshoot for a Tamil magazine that has lot of craze in tinsel towns. However, the actress is heard rejecting one such plea of a magazine that hails from Telugu industry. It is because of two demands, say insiders. One is, this magazine is run by few shrewd businessman turned actors who wants to get everything for free. They are known for using the powers of Telugu Film Producers Council and Film Chamber to make actresses accept for photo shoots.

Secondly, Nayan was asked to go sexier in terms of skin show to boost the sales of magazine. Reportedly, Nayan is shocked with these demands of Telugu magazine that is planning to cash on her re-entry. Finally, she has agreed for an hour of shoot and that too with fully covered dress which hasn't evinced interest in magazine folks. Stay connected for more updates. 


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