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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shriya to establish new association for prostitutes

Actress Shriya is very much renowned for her social service minded nature. She is involved in Yoga, Meditation and so on. It is unique that, she involves herself in all these things, without any noise and show-offs. 

Shreya is recently very disturbed by the sufferings of the women and call girls involved in prostitution. 

So, she has decided to start an association for those women who are involved in prostitution and those pushed into this ill-life, due to poverty and women who get cheated in the name of getting chances in film industry and the women who get cheated by the promises of getting good jobs to eradicate their poverty.

Through this association, Shriya aims to provide rehabilitation to those women trapped in prostitution, help them with new jobs, help them in getting married or re-married according to their marital status, to help in the education of their children, if any and do many other good deeds depending upon the individual’s sufferings. 

Shreya is expected to make formal announcements about this new service through her association, in short duration.


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