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Monday, October 22, 2012

Tweeter police harass clip the wings "of the singer

In what a stern warning to those women are called to harass in social media, the police of the city of Chennai arrested an associate professor at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and arrested another person who in Tirupur Collectorate, harassment Chinmayi Sripada singer on Twitter.

Police are looking for three people.

18th October Chinamayi filed a complaint that some people tweet about her and her mother "casteist" and comments "vulgar." Comments published by the twitter handle @rajanleaks, @Senthilchn @ Asharavkay, @losongelesram ,@vivajilal thyirvadai. "The problem started two years ago after he included me in a hash tag fishermen concerned and wanted to support the cause. I did not fulfill the requirement, because there was a lot of vulgar comments about the leaders," said Chinmayi The Hindu Monday Monday .

He will then began to threaten, she said. "Even vulgar comments about my mother passed. Most of my tweets have been distorted to give the impression that I am against the Tamils, Tamil tweeters and bloggers to give, and also against the Tamils ​​in Sri Lanka. Some liked me started on Facebook" he said, adding: "After all, I expect to get help from the police decided."

Based on his complaint, the case was in accordance with Article 66-A of the Act and § registered Technology Information 4 Harassment Prevention cyber crime cell of women police in Chennai city. City Police Commissioner P. George said: "During the investigation we found a tweet from @ Sharankay tracer was written: your IP address, discovered that his real name Sarvana Kumar Perumal, a graduate of the architecture was .. tweeted from his office phone at home. "The defendant was arrested on Monday.

"Another person named Rajan arrested and Coimbra in Chennai. Works Tirupur Collectorate. Teams Pondicherry arrest more suspects," said the Commissioner.

Mr George said: "These actions can harass women, and in some cases lead to suicide, but today [Monday], we received a complaint that the school was conducted online girl punishment for this offense is severe ..."

Chinmayi said it is important for women, against injustice. "You should approach the police there to help you."


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