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Friday, November 9, 2012

Trisha was really upset with the media

Gossips and linkups about heroines is quite common in the film industry but they tend to die after a while. However, the issue between Trisha and Daggubati Rana has been on since quite a while. Well, the grapevine is all about both of them having a serious affair. Already, both of them have given their denials about it.

Recently it is heard that Trisha was really upset with the media. She was off work due to her father’s demise and sources say she didn’t inform anyone from Tollywood about the funeral and no one went too. But Rana was the only man who was around and consoled Trisha. This again triggered the speculation.

Buzz is that few media sources started mentioning about it with a different touch. Responding to this, Trisha was reportedly fuming and reiterated that she had taken several pains to explain that they are just good friends and know each from many years. Rana also happens to be Trisha’s neighbour.

She maintained that it is not right to spread rumors like this. Rana who is usually cool towards such gossips has reportedly responded for the first time and urged the media not to mention about him and Trisha.


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