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Friday, November 9, 2012

Prakash Raj inspiring revenge

Actor Prakash Raj grew up the hard way and reached the top. He started his career as a television actor and in no time, his talent got spotted and today he is called the powerhouse performer. But behind this talent, there lies a man who is intense and sensitive to feedback. Here is an example for that.

It is heard that during his starting days in Tollywood, many used to criticize Prakash that he doesn’t know Telugu. To teach them a point, Prakash is on a mission. He has not only learnt the Telugu language but has also been diving into Telugu literature and many other poetic works.

Sources say he is reading some prolific works in Telugu and he has got a dictionary next to him in case he doesn’t understand the meaning of words. Whenever he is stuck, he is clarifying his doubts with eminent members like Seetarama Sastry and others. 

It is heard that his ultimate motive is to release a poetry book of his own in Telugu. That way, Prakash is not only having his revenge but is also inspiring others. This is something even some of the authentic Telugu persons will not do.


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