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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Suriya Siamese twins or can be said as conjoined twins role in Maatran, Cine Cloouds Team is waiting to know the full detils

Right from the olden days of cinema we are seeing double roles triple roles and if even extended have come across hero performing more than 5 roles with the help of a dupe. But now handsome hunk Suriya is trying out a unique role in his forthcoming film Maatraan.

Just can’t wait to know the details right, here it is he is playing the role of a Siamese twins or can be said as conjoined twins. The conjoined twin’s bodies will be joined and both the bodies have to do everything together like eating, playing, sleeping and what so ever. This is really interesting and director KV Anand’s thought of bringing in a unique role into the film surely need to be appreciated.

Suriya’s mettle for accepting this kind of role should really be applauded and this is going to be the most challenging role in his career.


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