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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mayakkam Enna Audience Review

Audience Reviews 

Lack of story in ME lets you down. Compute Graphics is sub-standard at many places. Dhanush acting is excellent at some places. Richa's second half acting is good. The movie is dragging at many places due to lack of coherent screenplay. The movie is nowhere near the calibre of 7g or KK or Pudupettai. Overall verdict: Very average

The movie is very slow. It is good in bits and pieces. Selva's lack of homework shows in many places. For e.g., Dhanush joins as the apprentice to a wild-life photographer who ends up fashion photography in following scenes. Another example is Dhanush's photo of an elephant published in Kumudam looks like an African elephant even though it was taken in Mudhumalai forest. First of all, Kumduam will never publish an elephant photo in cover (not even a female one). Overall, Selva fails to engage you. Average.

Watched 'Mayakkam Enna first day first show.  Dhanush outstanding with classic Selvaraghavan touches. You must be willing to travel along his screenplay.

Mayakkam Enna- 4/5. Brilliant, Selvaraghavan scores big time. It is a gutsy and outstanding film. Dhanush's career best - Sreedhar Pillai, SIFY

Too amazed for words. Selva has done it again. And my brother-in-law...One more national award for sure. Congrats dhanush and Richa!!! Amazing movie. - Soundarya Rajnikanth

Last 15 minutes of Mayakkam Enna is the best part. It is an aimless movie with no purpose and drags along. Movie is very slow throughout. Selvaraghavan hits the low point with this movie.The movie has minimal dialogues mostly communicated through visuals and music. But, the attempt fails miserably. Richa has enough scope to act. 

Ramji's camera and GV Prakash's music are good. Richa grows on you over the course of the movie. But, Selvaraghavan lets you down with a story that wanders aimlessly.

Such a terrible film.It is not even an interesting bad film. Reeks of bad writing in each and every scene. Don't waste money and time. U feel like sitting in a room for 10 hrs without knowing what to do

The movie is good in parts nd pls watch if u like psycho kind of movies :-) Mayakkam Enna is a movie aimed at critics & not on fans. Decent performance by Richa and Danush. No story at all. Psychotic.

I just watched mayakkam enna. Selvaraghavan has achieved a sadistic and crass portrait of a woman who will endure domestic violence to make her husband successful. Pathetic! First half is watchable for Dhanush's acting and dancing, second half will make you vomit, if you don't have a strong stomach. Many people in the theatre were waiting for the movie to get over!!! Also some juvenile animation.

Difficult story to be potrayed on d screen. Hatsoff of to selva for giving a good film.. Selva's Guts shuld be appreciated. Second half was awesome. A class attemp from selva ragavan which is difficult to be potrayed on screen... Loved each n every scene. I was travelling wid d story

Agmark selvaragavan movie. How many times will he show the hero as a psycho. Interval block is great.

Movie is Awesome. Romba matured Movie. People who like commercial films won't lik this movie.

Brilliant first half. Dhanush - fantastic work; take a bow. The Oda Oda song is marvelous. Second half - TV serial. Draaags.Always knew Selvaraghavan was a romantic. All that "Adi, Kollu avala" lyrics, and man has urugufied about wives in his film. - Pavithra

It is a typical Selva film. Better not to go to film with parents.

Movie is very average. we have seen most of the scenes in Selva's previous work. The movie is lame.. Selva is losing his touch.

Movie is very bad ... I wont say I am disappointed with Mayakam Enna. Movie is not at all entertaining at all at any place. Mayakam Enna - Enna Mayakavillai


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