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Monday, January 16, 2012

Shakeela denied the rumour of Relationship with Politician

Shakeela is back in action in Tamil and Telugu films. Shakeela’s latest flick Aasami, where she plays a fake God-woman called Beer Samiyar, is expected to hit cinema halls soon.
There were rumours that Shakeela demanded cases of tinned beer everyday from director Andal Ramesh — to ‘literally’ prepare herself for the role of Beer-a-nandha that she essays in Aasami.
Shakeela denied the rumour saying that she does not like the taste of beer and has never been in the habit of drinking it! “Anyway, I took it as publicity for the film and let it go without making any fuss,” reveals the semi-porn queen.
“All said and done, I play an interesting character different from whatever I have done so far,” she adds. The oomph lady, who once used to work triple call-sheets, candidly admits that her career has taken a nosedive of late. “I get several offers but they are for roles with liberal skin show which I am not keen on at this juncture. I would love to play a vamp or roles with negative shades and I hope after Aasami’s release, people realise that I can also act,” she quips.
What does she make of her present lackluster life — a life that once was glorious and intimidated Malayalam icons like Mammootty and Mohan Lal? She smiles and says, “I never felt that way at any point of time. I was too busy then with two releases every month and didn’t have any time to even think about what was happening around me.”
She is pursuing her passion for wildlife. “I am a wildlife lover and when I am not shooting, I go on wildlife trips to various forests in India.
” Shakeela was involved in several controversies about her alleged relationship with a person who was politically inclined and reportedly even announced her wedding a few years back. Quiz her about her beau and she says, “Oh, I am very much single and not married to anyone. I do have a boyfriend who is from Coimbatore — I met him while on a wildlife trip to Mudumalai.”


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