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Monday, August 20, 2012

Naan Movie Online Review worthy watching.

Many advantages Naan (U / D) worthy watching. Vijay Antony vision comes to mind when deciding on a topic that is strong and a character who is stronger. The naan girls work as a player and 25 as a composer. Jeeva Sankar, the director turned director has to tell a story and tells it too tightly. In our film, the protagonist can be good or bad, but it has decreased by girls to have for him! Inevitably, the worst offender, the most beautiful woman! But apart from such luxury, Sankar stuck to a linear narrative, which is not diverted from their purpose. He worked diligently in the thick of the action and every detail is perfectly knotted.

The psyche of a child wounded by his own hard-working family, grows the closed mind of man in the raid of murder, which is thrown in situations of serious and intelligent manipulation were carried out with care. Stone Care Silence, perceptive - you do not have much to show these facets of a character. Vijay is easily scalable and Antonio. But in the sequence where you look at the bloody hands, sobbing, terrified at the sudden sound of the phone and calm, to manage the situation, highlight its potential as an actor.

If at the end of everything I is the fault of the protagonists involved in crime and the feeling of admiration for the ingenuity with which he tries to overcome the difficulties, the applause Jeeva Sankar, making it plausible and grip.

His performance in Ananda Thandavam was warm and terribly disappointing. However, an effect rebounds Siddharth in a role that characterizes the modern youth, to make rich and spoiled now. Naan is a very different role for Rupa Manjari should go places after his role in the comedy bubbling, Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru. Not at all. In a serious role, this time she wrote again. Anuya again a small but significant and Vibha, a debutante should be a good start in Tamil Naan. The other two agents, Victor Vijay Shyam friend and foe fear Siddharth fill the bill. In addition, keep the young (Vignesh) with its quiet and expressionless face in your head for a long time. In fact, the entire cast deserves praise naan.

The script is an important feature of the naan. Of course, the pace slowed a bit in the middle, but is soon back on the fast track. However, it is odd that two films are obvious similarities in the story after a few weeks of each other have been published. Naan is very familiar situations for those who have seen Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhaai. Although you are wondering about the inspiration of the two tactical changes naan. Sankar is intelligence in the type of treatment can not be overlooked.

Obviously, the departments of music and lyrics work overtime to naan. Special mention should be made of the RR. You can switch between the composer Vijay Anthony previously ranked. Of course the story is also an attractive background score.

From combat to performance and film composition, the change of position would not have been easy for Vijay Antony and Jeeva Sankar. However, the tasks were performed with skill, and both must be very happy!


Genre: Thriller

Directed by Jeeva Sankar

Starring: Vijay Antony, Siddharth, Rupa Manjari, Anuya

Reason: terrible experience trying to overthrow the hero in a sea of ​​crime, but do not give up ...

Bottom Line: Well done!


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