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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rajini’s picture on cigarette packets

Star worship and fanaticism is quite common but anything which happens in Tamil Nadu is extreme. The cinematic worship is so strong that even temples have been built for actresses. And one man is treated no less than God. He is Superstar Rajinikanth and recently he shared few words of wisdom out of his experience.

For a long time, Rajini enjoyed cigarette and drinking and his health got spoiled. Now he mentioned that it is a bad thing to do and everyone must stay away from it. Listening to this, his fans have gone ahead and burnt many cigarettes. As if that is not enough, it is heard that they are preparing for one more initiative.

According to sources, they are planning to approach all the tobacco companies within Tamil Nadu and will ask them to use Rajini’s picture on cigarette packets. As such, their intention is noble but this will inturn benefit the cigarette companies because Rajini will become more like their brand ambassador. So, it remains to be seen whether the superstar will agree with this idea.


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