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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Simbhu supports Dhanush for Why This Kolaveri Di Song

There is a sensation talk about the song Why This Kolaveri Di written and sung by Dhanush.

Some of the Simbhu’s fans have been making fun of this song in their social network websites. Simbhu has condemned his fans for their deed.

In his Facebook, Simbhu has mentioned, "My humble request to my fans and media friends. Don’t ever compare my song with Dhanush’s song.

Dhanush is not only a best actor but also a close friend of mine. We both are in the same field. Everybody has the right to write a song. Now it has become a fad to write a song using few words.

Anybody can do this. Because of this, enjoy the song without making fun of it. I am very angry with my fans for making fun of Dhanush. Stop making fun of him. I will take care. Relax.",


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