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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Technology Eating Away Indian Mentality

The average thinking process of any Indian would be in a very constructive and economic way. He/she would want to invest on something that is long term and would be appreciable. But then, the invasion of technology into the lives of Indians has actually created a dent in their thinking.

This is especially in terms of gadgets. New Blackberries, iPhones, Tabs are hot cakes and many are flocking and buying them. Even students are pressurizing parents to get them such hi-fi smartphones but here is the catch. Just replacing the battery costs 3k, replacing the screen costs 8k.

After getting used to it, they cannot leave it so they have to buy a new gadget. The exchange funda doesn’t work. At least car will have some parameters in terms of depreciation. Home will have appreciation, gold has appreciation. But the depreciation is worst to worst in electronic goods. It will fall 40% by the time you buy it from shop and get it home.

The Indian mentality usually thinks to buy something which is appreciating and useful for long term. It is not meant for expenditure it is meant for saving but technology is spoiling the mentality in terms of this.


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