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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Trisha is preparing to get married

These days, Trisha is making headlines more for her personal life than her professional life. Most of the times, it has to do with her ‘friendship’ with Daggubati Rana. There is a constant tug of war between media and Trisha about her having a serious affair with Rana and the pretty girl quashing it as a rumor.

Anyways, it is now heard that the Chennai girl is seriously contemplating on getting married the next year. Apparently, Trisha lost her father few days back and her career is also in a little shaky position. Most importantly, she is nearing 30 which is usually a risky number for girls to get married.

So now, it is heard that next year Trisha is preparing to get married. Some of the media sources are reportedly tracking the movements of Uma Krishnan, Trisha’s mother, to see if there are any developments in this direction. Meanwhile, Trisha’s fans are waiting to see who the lucky man will be.


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